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Mai felt a bit hesitant when Adia explained how she saw the Nexus. “...So, this place isn’t all that bad?” She wanted to believe that. ...Whoever or whatever put the portal in her neighborhood; this made her wonder if they thought she needed to be rescued. Not that I needed to be, came a self-conscious thought.

“Oh, okay. I’ll look there and ask. Thanks.” Mai picked up on Adia’s own nervousness, and didn't mind that she was. Some people in Tokyo tended to be rude or apathetic around strangers. Mai couldn’t compare her to any of them.

Surprise and curiosity could be seen all over her face when Adia mentioned she was from another planet. For real? "What's Leonis like? Do the people there travel around in spaceships?" She thought of the primetime show she watched with friends on weekends, which had mercenary human space travelers, good aliens, bad aliens, and different types aircraft they traveled in.

It was news to her, being told that her world was a myth. “Earth is pretty real, to what I know. Japan would be on the east side... Tokyo, where I live, is one of the biggest cities there.”

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"It's different," Adia says diplomatically. "You'll see a lot of things that will stretch your beliefs. But there's an anti-violence field, so you don't have to worry about being hurt, and there are things here that you won't find on your world." There are people here who will listen to your problems, but Adia isn't sure Mai is looking for that.

"Leonis was known for its wide plains," Adia replies. "We had a lot of vineyards. And flowers. Just about everyone knew how to ride a horse." She smiles a little at the mention of space travel. "Yes, we had spaceships... some we used to travel between planets, others we used for longer distances... I used to work on a research vessel called The Chiron."

Adia probably looks nothing like the characters from Mai's show. She looks more like a refugee, one of those poor people displaced from their home country by war. "Do you have those things in Japan? The flowers, I mean. And horses."

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Adia frowns thoughtfully. "I think it's more like this place is neutral territory. But perhaps you're onto something. I can't imagine any sort of police force that could adequately protect the people who live and work here."

"So Tokyo is very urban, then?" Adia asks. She tries not to think about Leonis being like another Earth. Bad enough her people never found Earth, let alone lost the colonies that they had, so much like Earth without them even knowing.

She's not sure what she said that put a pensive face on Mai, however briefly. "It was exciting. I had only worked on out of the way research centers before -- I'm a microbiologist. We traveled to different colonies and out of the way moon bases and satellites. But no... no aliens."

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"I've never seen it in action personally, but the way it's been described to me, it's like an invisible forcefield goes up."

Adia smiles wistfully. "It sounds nice. Sometimes I'll walk around the shops here, but I don't have any money to spend."

"Well... all sorts of things, really, as long as it involves studying microscopic organisms. My research was on infectious diseases. Viruses, germs, that sort of thing." She seems quite comfortable talking about her work, but it's easy to be open and helpful when she doesn't have anything to hide.

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"Well..." Adia looks around before adding diplomatically, "There are all sorts of people who visit the Nexus, and some of them are bad, or have done bad things. But they can't do anything while they're here except ask questions and talk to other people. If you meet anyone here you makes you uncomfortable, you can just walk away."

Adia's expression is sympathetic while she listens. Mai seems like a good kid, it's a shame that her father isn't being more open with her. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. It's possible that his research is classified. I've worked on a few projects where I couldn't share the details."

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