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Mai didn’t understand how this place existed, or how that there could be an actual way to contact her dad from here, another reality. She had no idea how he could find the Nexus hub either--but she could try to reach him, and tell him she hasn’t been harmed! Clinging to that hope, she started to calm down a little.

If Dad cared about her at all, then he would leave his laboratory to try to find her. All she had wanted was for him to be there for her, but this wasn’t what she had in mind. Unlike the times she’d get in trouble on purpose to get his attention, she was not in control at all of her current situation.

Mai felt like she had been holding her breath, and exhaled before a tentative smile appeared on her face. “Thank you.” This man, no one she had ever seen before, appeared genuinely concerned. He also seemed to know a lot about this place, so trusting him over getting more lost was definitely the better choice to make.

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