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Name:Mai Kashiwagi
Website:Mai's Livejournal account
[[Darker Than Black is from Funimation and BONES. This is a RP account, for non-profit entertainment purposes only.]]

Living her life as a very sad and lonely girl, Mai only wants to be with her father, who would only visit the boring and empty apartment she'd live at weeks to a month at a time.

Although her friends tried to help her and keep her company, she would deny their requests to have her over for dinner, in hope that her father would come home.

There is a white and shiny speck on her wrist in which her father had said was her good luck charm.

Underneath the special seed's wrist implant control is a wild and extremely dangerous power. Sometimes, Mai has no control over her pyrokinesis; the power which allows her to create and manipulate fire.

As a young child, Mai first showed signs of becoming a Contractor, causing beetles to spontaneously combust. Her father, Kōzō, who was a researcher for Meyer & Hilton, used seeds which he found inside the Hell's Gate to suppress her powers. He also erased a chunk of her memory with the memory erasing tech. Due to the seeds not lasting forever, her father spent all of his time in his office looking after the plant which would give more seeds if ever the one in Mai's wrist should stop working. Due to this her father was never home, and Mai had to look after herself once her mother died. There was a significant emotional detachment between Mai and her father and Mai chose to adopt her deceased mother's maiden name.

Each Contractor has a Messier Code (or Messier Catalogue Number). It is a way of identifying Contractors. Its name in the anime is derived from that of the astronomer Charles Messier. Ten years ago, during the time when the gates first came into being, the Stars were replaced by False Stars. This was the time when Contractors came into being. Each False Star has a corresponding Contractor, and they vibrate when their Contractor's power is being used. As such, Contractors are usually identified by their star. Accordingly, when a Contractor dies, their false star can be seen falling from the sky.

Once the special glowing flower seed implanted in her wrist decays, she will transform into a full-fledged Contractor.

Her Obeisance will require that she should hum or sing a melody. Mai, like all Contractors, will have to pay a price for using her powers, whether she wishes to or not. Although this payment can be delayed, especially in the midst of combat, it is ultimately unavoidable.

It is unknown what happens to a Contractor that fails to pay his obeisance, although there has been stated a rumor that Contractors who fail to do so seemingly melt like butter. Each Contractor has a unique remuneration, reflecting the chaotic nature of the Hell's Gate. Remunerations are typically difficult for the Contractor and range in severity from irritating to painful. However, there have been a few contractors who enjoy their remuneration and at least one who uses it in conjunction with his or her own ability. It is also possible for a Contractor to fully pay off his Contract, but this is an incredibly rare feat, requiring a drastic and traumatic sacrifice.
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